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E-Com Chatbot

Chatbots have gained momentum in recent years as a way to improve customer experience on a company's website without the need for extra personnel. Natural language processing technology enables chatbots to engage with website visitors, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and improved engagement.

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Commerical Hub

The commercial hub is information wold of the medical units, It will help hospital employees to check any queries related hospital example-  How to order  to order stethoscope, How to keep anaesthesia etc 

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Project Asset Management Tool

The Project Asset Management Tool/Web App assists marketing teams by streamlining the creation of visual mockups and demos for digital products. It enables quick generation of instant demos by arranging uploaded screenshots from various projects, facilitating efficient communication and decision-making. This collaborative approach ensures alignment with requirements and accelerates the development process.

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Fashion World

Fashion World" is a commendable project that takes a proactive approach towards reducing carbon emissions in the fashion industry. Your initiative is paving the way for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. Keep up the excellent work!

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The hypermarket's in-store self-experience offers convenient features like self-checkout, clear signage, and easy product navigation. It prioritizes customer satisfaction through a seamless and efficient shopping journey.

has context menu

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